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Sam Witwer Teases Epic ‘Clone Wars’ Finale

May the 4th is this coming Monday, and it’s bringing a lot of exciting Star Wars content with it. Most thrilling of all is the finale of The Clone Wars

We’ve been gearing up for eleven weeks. This Friday’s episode we saw the execution of Order 66, leaving Ahsoka and Rex trapped on a ship of hostile clones. Also roaming about and causing chaos is Maul. 

Disney’s May 2020 advertisement on YouTube gives us a quick peek at the upcoming finale. In case you missed it, Twitter user Johnamarie Macias shared it online. Check it out below.

Rex and Ahsoka have to figure out a way off ship, and Maul is running amok. According to Sam Witwer on a recent video game stream, we’re going to see even more of Maul’s ruthlessness in the ship corridors. The clip was posted on Reddit by user Knurr. 

Will Ahsoka and Maul meet one more time? How do Rex and Ahsoka get separated? We’ve got a lot of questions, so hopefully by Monday we’ll have answers. 

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