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‘Star Wars Battlefront’ (2004) Just Got A Huge Multiplayer Update

The original Star Wars Battlefront from 2004 received a huge update yesterday that will please those who still play the game.

As per the report from VG247, yesterday on May 1st, the game was “afforded a fully-functioning online multiplayer server” on Steam. Besides adding online multiplayer support, Steam also made the following changes to the game, including “French, Italian, German, Spanish language support added, Additional audio support added, Addressed a number of menu and gameplay issues for a number of different screen sizes.”

Some are questioning why this was added so late in the game. It’s been 16 years since the Battlefront (2004) was released. Maybe it’s because the game is currently riding a 50% off discount on the Steam store. Who knows! But Battlefront II (2005) is also 50% off on the Steam store, likely because of May the 4th (Star Wars day).

For those who want a taste of nostalgia after the sad news that Battlefront II (2017) received its last and final update as of this week, maybe this is a good time as any to go back to the basics and relive the glory days.

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