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Our ‘Star Wars’ Movie Rankings

There is much debate within the Star Wars fan base over which movies are superior to others. Many fans have been posting their rankings on Twitter, and there are hardly two lists alike. However, most of the debates I see are between individuals. This is why we at Far, Far Away News decided to do a team ranking made up of many of our opinions. What we did was all give our rankings of the eleven movies and we made a group ranking out of it. The movies are organized in terms of the group ranking, but each individual ranking is included as well!

You’re of course welcome, and encouraged, to analyze the rankings on your own, but I wanted to give some brief thoughts about it first! First, we have the obvious conclusions. Empire Strikes Back has the number one spot while Attack of the Clones falls to number eleven, with The Phantom Menace not far behind. What I was curious about was the ranking of the anthology and sequel films. Since these are still relatively new, the opinions on them are still up in the air. The biggest debate within the sequel trilogy is between The Last Jedi and The Rise of Skywalker. Both movies fell to the bottom half of the ranking, The Rise of Skywalker at seven and The Last Jedi at nine. Most rankings for both movies were polarized, either very high or low. What Star Wars fans do seem united over is The Force Awakens being a great movie, hitting the number four spot, not far behind number two! For the anthology films, Rogue One (5) ended up three spots ahead of Solo (8). Fairly close together, Rogue One being aided by a few rankings as high as number two.

I hope you dive into this list and find out where your favorite movies lie! This list isn’t meant to be an end of the conversation between the rankings, but instead to add content to the conversation. May the Force be with you!

Rank: 1

Average Score: 3.57

Rank: 2

Average Score: 4.43

Rank: 3

Average Score: 4.64

Rank: 4

Average Score: 4.71

Rank: 5

Average Score: 5.43

Rank: 6

Average Score: 5.71

Rank: 7

Average Score: 6.21

Rank: 8

Average Score: 6.92

Rank: 9

Average Score: 7.00

Rank: 10

Average Score: 7.86

Rank: 11

Average Score: 9.36

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