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‘Clone Wars’ Review: ‘Victory and Death’

The ominous opening title card is accompanied by a somber choral piece, true to the musical trends of the prequel films.

Clone troopers force their way into the med bay, but Ahsoka deflects their shots while Rex takes them down.

Meanwhile, Maul makes his way to the hyperdrive engine and impressively demolishes it exclusively with the Force. The ship is forced out of hyperspace and, damaged, hurtles toward a moon.

Ahsoka and Rex fight their way to the hangar bay, where everything is locked down. The droids get to work on unlocking a ship. Maul approaches the hangar bay as well but stays out of sight.

Clone forces, led by Jesse, storm the bay, blocking their escape. Ahsoka and Rex walk down to meet them, Rex pretending to have Ahsoka in custody. Rex tries to convince Jesse that Ahsoka is no longer a Jedi, and therefore not marked by Order 66, but Jesse isn’t falling for it. All of this serves as a distraction so the droids can lower most of the troops into a lower level.

Ahsoka and Rex head towards the only available ship, but Maul beats them to it. Ahsoka tries to pull the ship down with the Force, but clone forces overwhelm Rex, so she has to let Maul go and help her friend.

They eventually make their way to a ship, with big assists from the droids, who get blasted for their efforts. Ahsoka holds off the clones while Rex gets the ship ready to launch. The entire Star Destroyer splits, sending Ahsoka into freefall. Rex manages to catch her, and the two make their way to the moon’s surface.

In the wreckage, Ahsoka and Rex find all the helmets of the fallen troopers and set them on stakes – a crude grave, but the only way they can honor their friends. Ahsoka takes it in, dressed in her cowl. She drops her lightsaber to the ground.

Sometime later, the Empire visits the moon, now covered in snow, and searches the wreckage. Vader approaches what’s left of the makeshift grave. The helmets are buried, but Vader finds Ahsoka’s lightsaber and ignites it. He gives the wreck one last look, and leaves. An orange-painted helmet watches him go.

This was an excellent finale to the best arc of Clone Wars. The impact of seeing those troopers, with their specialized helmets, shooting at Ahsoka – it breaks my heart. Rex sighing as he prepares to fight even more of his brothers – you can feel it in your bones. The ruthlessness of the clones as they destroy droids is jarring, but effective. There are so many poignant moments, but my favorite has to be the ending, as Ahsoka stares at the helmets of all her friends who had to die. Vader finding her saber is a close second.

What a way to bring in this May the Fourth, and what a way to end The Clones Wars. For over a decade, we’ve fallen in love with these characters and followed their stories. This is the ending they deserve. It’s been a wonderful journey.

May the Force be with you. Always.

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