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Dave Filoni Reflects on ‘The Clone Wars’ Finale

We’ve had an entire day with the Clone Wars finale, to watch, and rewatch, and mourn. What a beautiful finale it was. Fans can take a collective breath, now, and so can Dave Filoni.

Filoni spoke with ETOnline about the final episode, about creating the final season, the challenges, the goals, and more.

When asked what his biggest challenges were, Filoni spoke about making sure the show lined up with events of Revenge of the Sith. “When I went to do the finale – and I always wanted it to be right alongside Revenge of the Sith –  I had to go back and remind myself of all these moments and make sure that we’re not violating anything, that we’re not changing the outcome of anything, that things are happening in the right sequential order.”

He spoke about writing with Palpatine in mind, as well.

“Something as simple as, ‘Well, who does know about the existence of Darth Sidious?’ There were a lot of choices that I made around the storytelling in just that character…Darth Sidious is almost always a character in the background. Whether he’s actively in the episode or not, a lot of things that are happening are happening because of his machinations. He is very much the Phantom Menace throughout the entire storyline of the last four.”

Filoni also divulges the impact the creation of Rebels had on this final arc of The Clone Wars. “All of those characters and all of those events and the way that I wove Ahsoka and Rex into that story really affected this one,” he explained. “The only downer, I think, is that for as on the edge I hope people are, they would have been triply so if they’d never seen Rebels.”

But, of course, he says, without the work and growth made during Rebels, the Clone Wars finale “wouldn’t be nearly as good as it is now.” 

Check out the entire interview over at ETOnline!

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