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Dave Filoni Thanks ‘Clone Wars’ Fans

I remember how excited we all were to hear news that Clone Wars would be saved. It’s been a remarkable journey since season seven started, and has now ended. The series brought us a satisfying conclusion that seamlessly transitions into the sequel series, Star Wars Rebels. It’s hard to come to grips that it’s all done. Thankfully, Dave Filoni honored fans by posting a thank you drawing of the series end.

Many Clone Wars fans are hoping, and even signing petitions for the Siege of Mandalore arc to be made into a movie and to have a theatrical release. I, for one, am totally on board with this idea. This 4-part story arc felt like a movie in every way.

Clone Wars has been an vital emblem of storytelling for the Star Wars franchise. It’s introduced us to new characters, worlds, and so much more. I am eternally grateful for the work Lucasfilm has done to give fans one last hoorah. Thank you, Dave Filoni, and the entire team at Lucasfilm. The Force has never been stronger.

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