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Josh Trank On Why He Left ‘Boba Fett’ Movie

Back in 2014, Josh Trank was hired by Lucasfilm to develop a standalone Boba Fett movie. Lucasfilm President Kathleen Kennedy claimed, “He [Josh Trank] is such an incredible talent and has a great imagination and sense of innovation. That makes him perfectly suited to Star Wars.”

Just one year later, Disney and Lucasfilm caught wind of Trank’s production issues with the 2015 Fantastic Four movie. As you may know, the movie became one of the biggest superhero movie flops of all time. Supposedly, these issues caused Kathleen Kennedy to lose confidence in Trank’s ability to handle a Star Wars project.

According to the report by Polygon, Trank explained that he and Kennedy agreed on a last-minute cancellation to not appear at Star Wars Celebration 2015. IGN states that it was “mere minutes” before the event. Shortly after, it was announced that Trank had been fired. However, then, Trank tweeted the excuse that he had the “worse flu of [his] life.” Recently, Trank admits, “I quit because I knew I was going to be fired if I didn’t quit.”

While his departure sounds like a complete mess —because it was— we can now understand why Lucasfilm seems so hesitant when it comes to standalone Star Wars movies. Unfortunately, who knows if fans will ever get the Boba Fett movie. Maybe time will heal the wounds left from this tragic experience. In the end, maybe some valuable lessons were learned.

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