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Appreciating What Disney Has Done for ‘Star Wars’

I know a lot has been said about the way that Disney has handled Star Wars. Some would even say that the Star Wars community has become divided by it. However, I am not one of them. The type of person I am is someone who can see both sides of the argument and realize that, yes, we can still sit around and discuss what we like about the films and what we don’t like, but the end result is the same. The films have already been made. With that being said, I want to transition to what Disney has really done for all fans. They have given us a platform to enjoy almost everything that is Star Wars. Just think about that if you will. For decades we had to wait to collect the VHS, the DVDs, the Blu-Ray (all of which I did collect), but now all we have to do is pay $6.99 and we now have access to every story in the Skywalker Saga.

I personally never imagined we would get to a timeframe like this, not until Disney came and said they were launching their own platform.  Disney is all about being family friendly, that’s their brand and they don’t want to go against it. That translates into their films too. As much as they want to keep the source material as accurate as possible, they are conscious of what their name brings to the table, especially in the case of young ones. When I think of Star Wars, I think of nothing but family. It’s really about a superpower family and their drama throughout the galaxy: filled with strong-willed heroines and scruffy bad guys that we all wanted to be. Star Wars made us want to believe that there was something beyond the stars for all of us.  Who wouldn’t want to wield a blaster or even a lightsaber?

Thanks to George reaching out to Bob Iger, we got the very first step into making a Star Wars world with Star Tours and a year later they acquired all rights to Star Wars. I was ecstatic to hear we would finally get a new film after Revenge of the Sith, and the best part was it was going to be a sequel. I grew up in the 90s so by the time I was able to actually remember things, Star Wars was already over for me. My parents took me to see The Phantom Menace and I recall my mother telling me that Anakin Skywalker will be Darth Vader, the greatest evil in the galaxy. She was explaining the originals and that these are the prequels and my little brain could not comprehend it. So, years went by and when we finally reached Revenge of the Sith, I binge watched all the films prior to really understand Star Wars. I was reading up on world premieres and seeing how people had to wait for news articles and toys to figure out the next chapter in the franchise. When Disney announced The Force Awakens, I was determined to be one of the fans to wait in line and experience it. To be honest, I never felt anything quite like it. Star Wars fans are one of a kind: they’re so loving and genuinely nice. I met so many and made so many friends that night and we all were smiling from ear to ear. Most had grown up with the originals and now had families of their own. 

For me, Star Wars has touched three generations of my family, and now thanks to Disney Plus, I can share it with my nieces and nephews. I can teach them the ways of the force. Of course, Netflix and Hulu are amazing, but everything with them is a contract. With Disney, I don’t have to be worried about Star Wars being cast out on a given date. So I get that you may not have love for Disney, but put your pride aside and realize that they have given us fans a platform to watch the originals, and not just that but if you go in the extra portion of the summary, you will find some cool tidbits about the film, like deleted scenes and trailers. It’s almost like having your very on DVD, but this time it’s on the go.

While one story is closing with The Rise of Skywalker, I feel so many more are opening. With the conclusion of The Clone Wars. I am anxious to see what the future has in store for us with more Star Wars content.

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