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Baby Yoda Just Became the Most Popular ‘Star Wars’ Character

Back in 1977, Star Wars became a cultural phenomenon that took the world by storm. Today, the franchise continues to capture the hearts of millions of people through a variety of ways. Whether it’s seeing Kylo Ren slashing his way through a band of Resistance fighters or Rey defeating Palpatine, there is always something to love about Star Wars. However, the question remains: Who is the most popular Star Wars character? Well, that answer may surprise you.

Although there are plenty of Star Wars characters that have been around since the birth of the franchise, a relative newcomer has come to claim the crown as the most-searched character on the Internet. For the longest time, Darth Vader has owned the crown. Now, in a report from Express, they’ve gathered data from SEMRush that says that the new keeper of the throne is none other than Baby Yoda, a.k.a. The Child with “more than 4.7 million average monthly searches over the past 12 months.” What’s even more surprising is that Vader has dropped dramatically into third place with only 893,250 monthly searches, with the Mandalorian easily surpassing him in second place with 2.5 million monthly searches.

As a huge Star Wars fan, myself, even this came to me as a huge shock. To clarify, I knew Baby Yoda has been the most talked about Star Wars character since The Mandalorian released, but who knew that he would literally decimate past legends in his path to victory! It’s a surprise for sure, but a welcome one. And with season two of The Mandalorian coming this October, I expect the kid’s popularity to grow even more with each passing adorable smile.

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