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Planet Exploration: Christophsis

Welcome back, fellow travelers. Today, we will be taking a journey to the beautiful crystalline planet of Christophsis where a couple of major battles were fought during the Clone Wars.  Christophsis is located in the Christoph System of the Savareen System in the Outer Rim Territories. The planet is crisscrossed with emerald lines and circles. The natives are a sentient species that look similar to humans and are known as Christophsians.

Christophsis is known for minerals, artwork, and industrial goods. Also, it has a large export of kyber crystals.  The planet is home to a dangerous Force sensitive insectoid known as the kyaddak. The kyaddak has multiple heads and each head has several eyes. These creatures roam the crystal forests waiting for unsuspecting travelers.

Christophsis was also the home of two major battles during the Clone Wars. The first of which happened early on. One of our favorite senators, Bail Organa of Alderaan, was performing relief work and was trapped by a Separatist fleet. The Republic was then able to destroy the fleet so the relief work could continue. After this battle, the Republic established a base to try and retake Christophsis.

The next battle is where we get to meet our beloved Ahsoka Tano. In this battle, a traitor was discovered in the ranks of the clones. Finally, after the traitor was captured, the Republic was able to end the conflict. There were still many small battles fought on and around Christophsis during the Clone Wars.

The last thing of note is during the rule of the Empire, the planet did house Rebel cells because the leadership was burdened as the Empire tightened their grip on the galaxy.

Thanks for traveling with me to the beauty that is Christophsis. Join me again next time as we travel in a galaxy far, far away.

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Jacob Evans
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