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Galactic Moms: Part One

As you prepare to honor the moms in your lives, we prepare this weekend to celebrate some of our favorite Star Wars moms. The Galaxy Far, Far Away has many fierce and caring moms. Not just one kind of mom either – Star Wars represents moms of all sorts: widows, stepmoms, aunts, adopted and biological. Let the celebration begin!

Omera, The Mandalorian

The name Omera means “inspiring”. Rightfully so.  In Episode 4 of The Mandalorian, we meet widow and single mom, Omera, to daughter, Winta. Omera is kind, hard-working, and quite the skilled marksman.  In one episode, we see her demonstrate love for her daughter, the Child, and the people that live in the farming region. It is wonderful to see a single mom and widow represented in an inspirational way. 

Hera Syndulla, Star Wars Rebels

Before Hera Syndulla became a mom to Jacen Syndulla, the strong Twi’lek general was known as “Space Mom.”  Hera is balanced.  She is ambitious as a general yet able to be nurturing, trusting, and caring to her fellow teenage teammates in Star Wars Rebels.  She demonstrates how a woman is able to be a motherly figure to others.

Norra Wexley, Star Wars Resistance Reborn

In Star Wars: Resistance Reborn and in the Aftermath trilogy, we meet fierce pilot, Norra Wexley. She is mother to Temmin “Snap” Wexley.  Norra serves in the Rebellion while Snap stays with her sister in Akiva, serving as temporary mom.  After three years Norra reunites with her son.

Snap follows in his mom’s footsteps and becomes a Rebel pilot. We learn from their relationship the importance of reconciliation and coming together to fight for good over evil.  I would like to also take a moment to honor Norra Wexley’s sister. While we don’t know much about Snap’s aunt, I’m grateful that she loved her nephew and took care of him while his mom felt called to serve away from home.

Lyra Erso, Rogue One

Lyra, mother of Jyn Erso, was an accomplished geologist who studied crystals.  Lyra protected her daughter while they were in captivity. Six months after Jyn’s birth, the Erso family was rescued. In difficult times, Lyra used her time wisely to teach her daughter how to escape, to protect herself, and to trust the Force.

Tomorrow our celebration of Galactic Moms continues. Until then, I hope that you’re able to honor the moms in your lives. May the Force Be with You. 

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Nicole Marhenke
"This is a new day, a new beginning." — Ahsoka Tano

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