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SDCC Is Going Virtual!

Back in March, California banned events containing more than 250 people, and that definitely included SDCC. This year’s event would have marked its 50th anniversary.

However, there is a light of hope. SDCC’s Twitter page released a clever video announcing the event would take place virtually this year, with the hashtag #ComicConAtHome.

This is the first time SDCC has ever gone virtual, so it will be interesting to see how they adapt their events, speakers, and trailers to this platform. 

There should be plenty of cool material to see, with so many Marvel projects in line, and with the second season of The Mandalorian coming, as well as the Kenobi series and the Cassian Andor series. And with the recent announcement that Taika Waititi will be directing a Star Wars film, maybe we’ll hear a little from him? 

Stay tuned to the official SDCC Twitter account, as well as right here at Far, Far Away News, for more updates!

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Jamie Binegar
"You cannot stop change any more than you can stop the suns from setting.” — Shmi Skywalker

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