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Desperately Seeking Ahsoka

All of us have a moment or more in our life where, with one decision, things will never be the same. Memory enshrines these times. We can look back and see that they change the course of our life, sometimes for good.  Sometimes to our detriment.

When Ahsoka drops her lightsaber in the snow she changes the course of her life forever.  She can never go back.

So where is she now?  That is the question on every fan’s mind.

We know about her life before: a child of war, a soldier. When she dropped the saber, she became something more: A warrior for the light.

She fought as Fulcrum, an undercover rebel in the Rebellion.  And when that war was over, she went in search of the lost Jedi and her friend, Ezra Bridger.

Where is she now?  Will she be Ahsoka the White in The Mandalorian?  I hope not; I don’t want to see her as a guest in someone else’s story. 

She deserves her own. I want to see her reclaim her own adventure, and I would prefer it to be in animation with the same voice as before, because that will always be the Ahsoka I love the most.

Wherever, whenever, and with whoever she comes back with, I know I will always enjoy her story, as long as Dave Filoni is writing it.

And I hope it’s soon!

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Carla Jo Guthrie
“When nine hundred years old you reach, look as good you will not.” — Yoda

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