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Greef Karga Was Originally an Alien in ‘The Mandalorian’

Disney Gallery: The Mandalorian released a new episode today, and this week it focused on the amazing cast of characters. We learned interesting information about Carl Weathers’ character, Greef Karga.

“He was going to be in full prosthetics as a different alien race, and then we switched it up,” Jon Favreau revealed. He also admitted the character was only slated for two episodes – the first episode, and the third, where he was meant to be killed off.

“But then [Weathers] came in and talked and we were like ‘How are we going to cover his face up with prosthetics?’” Filoni elaborated.

Favreau explained how everything evolved. “…the first thing was, he can’t be an alien, like, how are you gonna cover that? Cause they did a drawing with Carl with the makeup on, and I said to Carl, ‘We can’t cover you up,’ and he’s like ‘I figured as much.'”

Understandably so! Carl Weathers is a prominent actor, so having him hidden behind an alien facade would have been a let-down. Even Weathers himself thought along the same lines. 

“..I’m thinking ‘Okay, why would you do that?’ Because people are going to tune in if you got the name, so why not have the face?” Weathers said.

It was a good decision to keep the character around for the entire season. Watching his character grow was very satisfying, and now we can revisit him in the second season of the show. Cheers to that!

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