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Looking for the Golden Age of ‘Star Wars?’ You’re Living in It!

Everything has its “Golden Age,” right? That period of time when everything just seems to fall into place, and you’re left with something at the best version of itself.

I’ve been a baseball fan for a large part of my life, and I hear and read stories about the sport’s Golden Age – the 1920s with Babe Ruth and Ty Cobb and others through the 1960s with Mickey Mantle and Hank Aaron.

Star Wars is no different. I was a child of the late 1980s and early 1990s and I was only able to see Star Wars on TV and VHS. I have heard so many stories about revisiting theaters in 1977 and camping out in 1980 and 1983. For so long in my life, I felt that I missed out on the Golden Age of this franchise, simply because I was born too late.

But guess what? I wasn’t late to the party after all. In fact, the party is just getting started!

Now, if you go solely by what you read on certain social media sites, you may think that we’re living in an age of strife and disagreement surrounding Star Wars. And if you surround yourself in that, then for you that could be very true.

I would add a gentle reminder here that not everyone was a fan of Babe Ruth or Mickey Mantle. And some couldn’t see the importance of someone like Hank Aaron until years later. That doesn’t change the importance of the time period though.

I believe this is the case for what we’re living through right now. Not everyone will appreciate the things that you appreciate about any film or television production. The amazing thing about what we’re living through right now is that there is so much quality content coming our way that no matter what your taste is, there is something for you.

Not only have we just wrapped up a sequel trilogy that none of us thought we would get ten years ago, but we have the promise of more movies coming in just 2 years (give or take, with production setbacks on pretty much everything these days). We don’t have the decades-long drought ahead of us.

And between now and those two-ish years? Well, we just wrapped up The Clone Wars (something else we didn’t think we would get just a few short years ago). We have a stellar new show in The Mandalorian, and all indications point to that one going on for a handful more seasons. And if that’s not your cup of tea, we still have Ewan McGregor returning as Obi-Wan (something we’ve been clamoring for since, well, Episode 3). And if all of that doesn’t suit you but you loved Rogue One, you have a Cassian Andor live action series with Diego Luna returning for the titular role. Still not sold? Then how about Leslye Headland working on a new female-centric series? And if for some reason you just don’t like television, then you can look forward to Taika Watiti helming a brand-new feature film, and Rian Johnson by all accounts is still going to bring a brand-new trilogy to theaters.

That’s just the confirmed TV and film news. There’s still tons of rumors floating out there. And not only that, we still have some exciting books and comics to look forward to – not the least of which is one of the largest publishing initiatives Star Wars has seen in recent years in The High Republic. I’ve personally been very much looking forward to a publishing initiative like this for a long time, and now it’s coming in August.

We have so many good things to look forward to. There are so many exciting and new projects coming down the line, and I would be willing to bet that at least one of these things gets your adrenaline pumping, even just a little bit.

One of my favorite television shows of all time is The Office. There’s one line from the series finale of that show that rang true to me back then, and it especially rings true when I think about a topic like this. So, I would like to leave you with this quote from Andy Dwyer as he reflects on the chapter of his life that is coming to an end:

“I wish there was a way to know you’re in ‘the good old days’, before you’ve actually left them.”

Andy Dwyer

Don’t let yourself be the one looking back on these years wishing you were more involved. Soak it up as it comes. Love what you love, and let others enjoy what they enjoy.

You’re living in the Golden Age of Star Wars. Enjoy it!

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Adam Goswick
"I am one with the Force. The Force is with me." — Chirrut Imwe

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