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Subplot of Rey Building Her Lightsaber Removed From ‘The Rise of Skywalker’

Just when you think a Star Wars film tells you the whole story, you find out later on that there is always something more to talk about. It’s an endless parade of everlasting discussion. Take that how you will. In fact, one of the complaints of The Rise of Skywalker was that some fans felt slighted by the story and that it wasn’t a complete ending. Well, if you’re one of them, this new finding may or may not bode well with you.

According to a recent tweet by Phil Szostak, he mentioned that The Rise of Skywalker actually had a cut subplot of Rey building her lightsaber throughout the movie.

While seeing Rey gradually make progress building her lightsaber throughout the film would have been an awesome addition, subplots like this sometimes aren’t entirely important to the overall narrative. And whether you agree with the decision or not is entirely up to you.

For the time being, keep this in mind before you hold J.J. personally responsible for not making the film you wanted: we never witnessed Luke or Anakin Skywalker build their own lightsabers. And as of right now, I believe Lucasfilm is holding on tight to The Rise of Skywalker’s deleted scenes until some of the fandom finds something else to complain about.

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