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‘The Clone Wars’ Just Beat out ‘Stranger Things’ in a Major Way

For the longest time, Netflix’s popular TV series, Stranger Things, has held the crown for being the most-streamed digital show.

A lot has changed since the latest season of the show released. A new ring fighter has arrived, and its name is Disney+. The streaming service has been around for less than a year, and it already has over 50 million subscribers. That’s quite an impressive feat. But when you own a huge share of Hollywood film companies, it’s something that should be expected. What puts the cherry on top besides having unbeatable prices, is when you steal the crown from your opponent.

According to a report from Parrot Analytics, Star Wars: The Clone Wars has become the new champion heavy-weight, now holding the crown for being the most-streamed digital show, pushing Stranger Things all the way to the number third spot. Can you guess what Disney+ show holds the number two spot? The Mandalorian. While The Clone Wars won with 139.9 million expressions, The Mandalorian has a secure foothold with 62.3 million expressions.


Star Wars fans should be quite happy with this major accomplishment. With the franchise shifting more to digital TV series, expect a rise in more subscribers to Disney+. A win-win for both Disney and the Star Wars fandom.

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