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‘Clone Wars’ Exit Survey

What is your tweet-length review of the final season of The Clone Wars?

Joseph Forbush: “Every choice you have made…has led you to this moment.”

Patrick Mulligan: A serviceable season that grows into something truly special in its final arc. It far exceeded my expectations by delivering a cinematic and cathartic conclusion to the series.

Christian Corah:It delivered when it mattered. The final arc was the exact arc that fans were hoping for. For a TV show to finish with four episodes rated that high on IMDB is incredibly impressive, and quite possible a record finish.

Jacob Evans: A mind blowing experience that truly brings what Star Wars is to the people.

Adam Goswick: I loved the Bad Batch, I loved Ahsoka’s mid-season adventures (even if the Martez sisters arc was one episode longer than it needed to be), and the Siege of Mandalore is the best arc we’ve ever seen. The positives far outweigh any negative.

Cam Ray: I enjoyed the Bad Batch arc, grew a bit impatient with the middle arc, and I was sucked in completely to the final 4 episodes. The cinematography throughout was stunning, the music was Williams-esque, and the voice acting brought the characters to life. The tie-ins with Revenge of the Sith and the final scene were well-crafted.

Will Custer: The final season and episode of The Clone Wars was such a poignant chapter in the Star Wars story. It does what the prequels did best and made the audience feel emotionally invested in storylines they know the ending to. That final shot is pretty dang perfect.

What was your favorite episode arc in this final season?

JF: My favorite episode arc was The Siege of Mandalore. My expectations for what a Clone Wars episode could be were ‘shattered’ in the best way possible.

PM: Siege of Mandalore, but how could it not be? It’s the best arc in the entire series by a pretty large margin.

CC: I have to be basic and say the Siege of Mandalore arc. It had some of the best Star Wars content we have seen in a while. My favorite time period in Star Wars is during the Prequels and this arc added to it. The first two arcs were meh for me. The Bad Batch arc was alright, but I wish those clones had some significance in the final arc and Order 66 (perhaps they didn’t have the same inhibitor chips?).

JE: My favorite arc was the Bad Batch Arc.

AG: Siege of Mandalore.

CR: The final arc. I loved the opening of this arc, from the green Lucasfilm logo to the more serious tone and music to accompany it.

WC: For me, and I am sure many others, it has got to be The Siege of Mandalore. It was action packed, emotional, and had some of the best payoffs in all of Star Wars. I was cautiously optimistic for that arc because I didn’t want to be disappointed by it, but it ended up being one of the best stories I’ve seen in Star Wars. It was as close to perfect that you could get.

When you think back to the final season, what moment was your favorite?

JF: My favorite moment was the fight between Maul and Ahsoka in The Phantom Apprentice when Maul exclaimed, “I see the Padawan needs one…last…lesson.”

PM: The pre-duel conversation between Maul and Ahsoka is incredible, but I think that opening battle sequence with Anakin and Obi Wan might take the cake for me, simply by delivering the kind of moment I always wanted from the prequels.

CC: The duel between Ahsoka and Darth Maul. I’m a sucker for a good lightsaber fight. It was my favorite thing as a kid, so I am pretty nostalgic over them. I was pretty bummed with all of the duels in the Sequel trilogy, so this duel helped fill that void. I’m so glad they had Ray Park animate Maul, it paid off big time. So aesthetically, I was very pleased. In my opinion, it is a top three duel in all of Star Wars.

JE: The very very end when we saw Darth Vader picking up Ahsoka’s lightsaber.

AG: I think it has to be the emotion that Rex shows. His tears at the loss of his brothers hit home pretty hard.

CR: My favorite moment was either the fight scene with Maul and Ashoka or when Ashoka first walks in to see the newly painted clone uniforms.

WC: When Maul gave “The Phantom Apprentice” speech to Ahsoka. It was a pivotal moment in this final season for both characters and the duel that followed was one of the best in Star Wars. The action in Star Wars is at its best when it involves an emotional aspect. The conversation before their duel heightened the stakes and led to an all-time moment. When I think back on Clone Wars, and specifically its final season, that is the moment I will think about.

What was your favorite episode from the final season?

JF: Old Friends Not Forgotten. It was the last time we saw Ahsoka, Anakin, and Obi-Wan together one last time.

PM: The Phantom Apprentice really set a new high point for the series, it showcases everything the show does well and then does it better than it ever has.

CC: Phantom Apprentice. Along with having the duel, Ahsoka and Maul were at their best in this episode. I loved their dialogue prior to and during their duel. Really great story telling. Maul’s character had developed so much throughout Clone Wars and it really seemed to climax and reach a breaking point in this episode. This is a good transition to the Maul we then see in Rebels (and may see in a series with Qi’ra, hopefully!).

JE: It would have to be Shattered.

AG: Probably Shattered.

CR: Phantom Apprentice.

WC: The Phantom Apprentice. I wish every piece of Star Wars content was that good.

How do you view Darth Maul after this season? Has your opinion changed on him?

JF: Darth Maul has developed tremendously and has become one of my favorite characters in the entire Star Wars universe. At first, I saw him more as annoying in the sense that he never dies and is always complaining about Kenobi, but The Siege of Mandalore arc gave him purpose to everything he’s done thus far.

PM: I would say I like Maul the most I ever have. The character really clicked for me in that final arc in a way he never really had before. Him knowing about the impending fall of the Jedi added a particularly compelling wrinkle to his character.

CC: I’ve always liked Maul. But now that he has considerable depth to his character, he is more than just a cool looking character with a double-sided lightsaber. My opinion hasn’t changed on him, it has just been made stronger.

JE: Still the fearless, awesome warrior that he always was. My opinion did not change.

AG: My opinion hasn’t really changed. He’s still Maul. As Ahsoka said, chaos is his thing. It’s always been his thing, and it continues to be. He was perfectly used in Siege of Mandalore.

CR: He is evil and needs to pay for what he’s done. However, I did have a few moments where I felt sympathy for him. Those moments were not long-lasting, though.

WC: It vaulted him into the discussion for my favorite Star Wars characters. When I first saw The Phantom Menace, I thought Maul was cool, but I never thought I’d see him again, and I was fine with that. Then in the early life of The Clone Wars he was back, and I wasn’t in love with it. Then his appearance in Rebels and Solo made me start to appreciate his character more. In this last season of Clone Wars, it made me see him in this new light, and I love the character now. He is now one of my favorite villains in the franchise and I now want more of him.

What were your thoughts on the last scene and specifically that final cameo in the finale?

JF: Ending the series with Darth Vader reflecting on Ahsoka brought everything full circle.

PM: It was a pretty brilliant way to wrap up the show. It’s the only time since the Original Trilogy that I feel they’ve properly had Vader emote through his mask, really channeling the kind of tragedy you can get from his character. It also tied together Clone Wars, the original trilogy, the prequels, and Rebels in a meaningful way, and that is pretty special. The final shot with a ruined Ahsoka trooper helmet watching Vader walk away was a moving eulogy to the prequel era.

CC: I was really glad we got to see Vader (and stormtroopers) at the end. It is a nice transition to the period of the Empire. Vader grabbing Ahsoka’s lightsaber was certainly a nice touch. However, I am a little frustrated that we don’t really know what Vader is thinking at that moment. Is it regret? Anger? Betrayal? But it does spark a lot of conversation, and that is certainly a good thing. Overall, a great ending to the series.

JE: Well I did already say that was my favorite scene of the finale. So yeah, I loved it. I actually caught myself leaning closer to the TV saying, “no way.”

AG: It was the perfect way to end. I think it was inevitable seeing Vader, and having him find Ahsoka’s lightsaber with the Morai flying overhead was just so perfectly done

CR: I thought it was great (any time Vader appears is great to me), and because I haven’t seen Rebels, that final scene made my enthusiasm levels skyrocket in regard to watching it.

WC: It was legitimately perfect. It had my favorite shot in the series and one of my favorite shots in the entire franchise. Seeing Vader in the reflection of the fractured clone helmet all while being buried in snow was a perfect summary of this era of Star Wars. The clones were a symbol of The Republic and the final shot shows how The Republic (and its army) collapsed and out of its ashes rose Vader. I can’t think of a more perfect ending to an era of Star Wars.

Are there any questions that Clone Wars left unanswered?

JF: I wish we could have seen how Captain Rex saves his comrades Gregor and Wolffe from Order 66.

PM: It left me wondering what happened to separate Ahsoka and Rex. I think if Rebels didn’t exist the ending would feel especially bleak, but Rebels ends up serving as a good epilogue to this series. I think the big blank spot for me is probably Asajj, she is the only major player from the series to not get a proper ending on screen.

CC: I haven’t watched the rest of the series in a while, but I think there are other character arcs that could have been explored and completed. This could have been done in one of the first two arcs. I think the final season should have focused on completing stories, instead of introducing some new characters. However, the first arc did do a nice job of giving Echo an ending.

JE: What happened to Clone Force 99.

AG: I think we need more about Mandalore. We never really got into the Night of a Thousand Tears or much of what happened with Mandalore.

CR: I don’t feel qualified to answer this as I am still watching seasons 1-6 for the first time and I have yet to watch Rebels.


Where would you rank The Clone Wars among other Star Wars media (TV and movies)?

JF: After this season, I would rank The Clone Wars higher than any of the prequel movies in the Skywalker saga.

PM: It’s tough to compare it to live action stuff because they occupy different spaces in my head, I’m also still riding high off of how good Siege of Mandalore is. I found many seasons of The Clone Wars to be a bit of a mixed bag, but that final arc really elevated the series as a whole. I like it more than any other Star Wars television outing and probably more than any of the prequels and The Rise of Skywalker. I also found it more emotionally satisfying than Solo or Rogue One, but it still sits below the Original Trilogy and the first two sequel films for me.

CC: Man, it is really hard to rank. Some of the arcs are top tier content, and some I could honestly live without. However, there really is something for everyone, which is great. I think arcs like Mortis and the Siege of Mandalore would rank up there with my favorite Star Wars movies. As for the show as a whole, I’m not sure. I only feel comfortable comparing it to other TV shows. It is about on par with Rebels for me (way ahead of Resistance) and a little bit ahead of The Mandalorian (but if the show starts exploring more Star Wars lore, it may jump ahead). I think if I watched it as a kid, I would enjoy the whole thing more, but I mostly like it for what it has added to Star Wars lore over the story. But I totally understand those who say it is the best Star Wars out there.

JE: Right there with the movies. Something that shouldn’t be overlooked.

AG: It’s interesting. It goes from some of the worst in media with its kickoff film to some of the best across all Star Wars media. If I had to put it somewhere, though, probably somewhere behind the original and sequel trilogies, but ahead of the prequels, Rebels, and Resistance.

CR: So far, I think it is right below the movies as it fills in so much information and builds on characters/scenes we thought we knew.

WC: As a series, I think it is in the middle of all Star Wars media. It’s probably my second or third favorite show. Now if you take the Siege of Mandalore arc, I would put that right near the top of Star Wars media. If that was a movie, it would have been one of my favorite Star Wars movies.

Star Wars has excelled with animated shows. What era and content would you like to see tackled next as an animated show?

JF: I would love to see a Clone Wars type TV show that focuses on The High Republic era. That would be really cool!

PM: Either something totally new or the era of Luke looking for sith artifacts while we see Leia and Han dealing with the New Republic. Whatever they do next, I hope they try out a new animation style. I would love to see some top-quality hand drawn animation just to make the show stand out from the other animated stuff.

CC: I want to say High Republic, but because we don’t have anything for that universe yet, I’ll have to hold off on that opinion. For the current universe, I think having a limited series between episodes V and VI could be interesting. I think we are all interested in what Luke was up to during that time, especially him creating his new lightsaber. However, I’m ok with whatever time period they choose. I just hope it follows the intensity of Clone Wars. Even though they say the show was made for kids, it doesn’t feel like it. Give me more of that. Knock me unconscious, insert wires into my brain, and play that crap on loop for the rest of my life.

JE: Let’s go back way back to the beginning before the Sith and the Jedi.

AG: Post Rise of Skywalker. Let’s get Daisy to voice an animated Rey, possibly in the style of the Galaxy of Adventures shorts and see what she does to pass on what she has learned.

CR: The High Republic.

WC: Why not a series, or even a single season, about Crimson Dawn and the dynamic between Maul and Qi’ra? I think that would rock and give people a sort of sequel to Solo which I know I have been clamoring for since leaving the theater on opening night.

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