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Will Enfys Nest Appear in the ‘Cassian Andor’ Series?

One of the best characters to come out of Solo: A Star Wars Story was Enfys Nest, leader of the rebellious Cloud-Riders. Fans loved the actress, Erin Kellyman, as much as the character. Now fans want to know if we might see more of her in an upcoming Star Wars series. 

In a comment on the actress’s Instagram post, a fan asks if Nest will be seen in the Cassian Andor series, since she hands off the coaxium from Solo to Saw Gerrera.

As you can see, Kellyman responded with a simple “No spoilers here, sorry,” which in itself may be telling. What is there to be spoiled? 

Of course, we won’t have our answer for some time, with progress on television shows being delayed by COVID. But it would be great to see more of the young pirate leader!

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