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My Top 20 Reviewed ‘Star Wars’ Books

I want to preface this by saying that this list is not my “Top 20 Books in the Star Wars Universe.” I have not read close to all of the books yet, this is merely a list of the 20 books that I have reviewed so far. Some of them I have loved, while others I didn’t. The scores are based on the book’s characters, writing style, plot, intrigue, what it added to the Star Wars universe, and if it added to or took away from logic within the Star Wars universe. You can click on the link included with each book to see my detailed review and scores for each of these sections. If you have any suggestions for books you want me to review (only Canon books, for now) or if you have additional questions about any of the book reviews, either email me at christiancorah@gmail.com or DM me on Twitter https://twitter.com/_ccbaseball. Enjoy the list, and may the Force be with you!

Master and Apprentice 97/100

Revenge of the Sith 96.5/100

Lost Stars 96/100

Dark Disciple 96/100


Thrawn 94.5/100

Bloodline 93/100

Attack of the Clones93/100

Force Collector 93/100

Dooku: Jedi Lost 92/100

Rebel Rising 91.5/100

Leia: Princess of Alderaan90.5/100

Lords of the Sith 90/100

The Phantom Menace90/100

Resistance Reborn 89/100

The Rise of Skywalker88.5/100

Most Wanted 87/100

Battlefront: Twilight Company 85/100

Queen’s Shadow 81.5/100

Spark of the Resistance 81/100

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