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First Look at ‘Star Wars: Jedi Temple Challenge’

According to George Lucas, Star Wars was made for kids. More specifically, for 12-year-olds.

Last December, Lucasfilm announced that Jar Jar Binks actor, Ahmed Best, would host a new Star Wars game show, Star Wars: Jedi Temple Challenge. The game show will highlight “harrowing obstacles and a hero’s triumph over challenges.” In an interview with Jamie Stangroom, Best explained, “So with Jedi Temple Challenge, it brings back this idea that we all have levels of connection to the Force, and you can actually grow your connection to the Force and it can become stronger through these trials at this temple. All of those things that Yoda did with Luke Skywalker at Dagobah in the swamp, this is where it was done first. It was in this temple. You got to get good here. I dig that. It’s something I think would be wonderful for kids. Because now there’s a path to this thing…Now there are actual steps you can take to being a strong Jedi. It gives you belief and faith.”

The premise of this show sounds exciting, no matter what age group you belong to.

Today, we finally have our first glimpse of the Star Wars game show. Only one team can win. It’s time to hone your Jedi skills!

Instead of debuting on Disney+, Lucasfilm has taken an alternate route by releasing each new episode on the Star Wars Kids YouTube page. Arriving on Wednesday, June 3rd, fans of all ages will be able to hone their skills as the newest generation of the Jedi Order.

Watch the latest episodes here when they release!

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