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David Prowse Given a Fake Line for the Famous Fatherhood Reveal

We all know the most famous line from Empire Strikes Back – and possibly the most misquoted – “No, I am your father.” Vader utters the biggest reveal in cinematic history and shatters Luke’s world. 

But maybe you didn’t know that the line we heard wasn’t the line spoken on set. 

David Prowse, the physical actor for Darth Vader, was infamous for leaking information about the movie to the press during filming. In order to protect the most important secret in the film, Lucas gave Prowse a dummy line to say in the shoot. The only people who knew the real line were Lucas, Mark Hamill, and Irvin Kershner. 

In a tweet earlier this week, Hamill verified this information for a fan.

Of course, James Earl Jones, the voice of Vader, was later dubbed over the scene, delivering the reveal we know and love. 

George Lucas explained why he put the father reveal in Empire Strikes Back rather than the final film in the trilogy, Return of the Jedi.

“I conceived it so that you would not know if Vader was lying or telling the truth. You have to have an escape hatch for kids psychologically so they can deny it.”

George Lucas

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