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Del Rey Announces New Release Date for ‘Thrawn Ascendancy: Chaos Rising’

Thrawn is one of the most cunning warriors and strategic analysts in the Star Wars universe. The creator of the character, Timothy Zahn, finished up his first trilogy under the Disney envelope back in 2018.

Now, it’s time for a new chapter for Thrawn.

The Thrawn Ascendancy trilogy will take place in the Unknown Regions about the infamous villain, prior to his exile to the Empire. Originally slated for May 2020 and then pushed back to October, today, Del Rey has announced that Thrawn’s adventure will begin “one month early.” It’s an unexpected move since all of The High Republic era related stories have been delayed until Early 2021.

Coming September 1, 2020, fans will be able dive right into the action with Thrawn. The audiobook version will also be available then and will be narrated by Marc Thompson. You can listen to a short excerpt of the audiobook, including the official announcement below.

The announcement is an unexpected pleasure. Check back here for our review of this title before it releases! Pre-order is available now!

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