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‘Star Wars: Jedi Temple Challenge’ Will Start Training Padawans June 10

Becoming a Jedi and being trained in the ways of the Force seems like every kid’s dream. And for a few chosen younglings, this dream will now actually become a reality.

Starting June 10 — a week later than originally scheduled — Jedi Master Kelleran Beq (also known as Ahmed Best) will open the gates to his very own Jedi Temple, where promising Padawans will face various challenges to prove they are worthy of becoming real Jedi Knights.

The first-ever Star Wars game show will debut on StarWarsKids.com as well as the official Star Wars YouTube channel and be free to watch. 

Star Wars fans will be able to enjoy the first two of 10 episodes in total, while each of them will test the strength, knowledge, and bravery of three teams of Padawans.

To celebrate the start of the show, ABC News interviewed host and Jedi Temple Master Ahmed Best, who not only spoke about the show and some of the easter eggs he placed in it, but also opened up about his bittersweet past playing Jar Jar Binks.

The backlash from toxic fans following the release of The Phantom Menace prompted Best to contemplate suicide.

“As a black man from New York City, from the Bronx, there’s this facade that I can’t be hurt,” he told ABC News. “In actuality, I was really just crumbling inside.”

It was his own son who ultimately saved his life. And these days, watching children interact with Star Wars and all it represents makes him glad he’s giving back to the franchise that once caused him so much pain.

“I loved watching kids step on that set and just be marveled at it. And I want kids to watch it and feel like, ‘if I train, if I practice, if I work, I can actually be there.’”

You can find the full interview video alongside more info on Star Wars: Jedi Temple Challenge on ABC News’ website here.

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