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Jon Favreau Casts Shadow Over Boba Fett’s Fate

Since we’ve all been highly anticipating Season Two of The Mandalorian, the expanding cast always comes with great surprises, like it was recently reported that Temeura Morrison will be joining the series to play Boba Fett. This brought up many questions, knowing that Boba Fett died in the Sarlacc pit in Return of the Jedi.

Jon Favreau, the showrunner, appeared at the director’s panel for ATX Television Festival. The panel was a television delight, featuring Deborah Chow, Dave Filoni, Taika Waititi and Rick Fumuyiwa. Favreau talked about the framing of the show, giving the franchise new characters but keeping the setting the original fans were used to. Talking about the show and mentioned via Variety theat even though Boba Fett is an inspiration for the protagonist of The Mandalorian, the classic bounty hunter can’t seem to be alive.

“We all loved Boba Fett, but we never got as much of him as we all wanted. He came to an unceremonious end in ‘Return of the Jedi.’ We wanted somebody that could kind of live up to what we had hoped to see when we were younger.”

Jon Favreau

Even though Favreau’s comments make sense at the time being, there is the possibility that he might have been cagey with his answer. That, or the other popular opinion might be true, the fact that Temeura Morrison might be in to play a clone.

We can’t know for sure until Season Two of The Mandalorian hits Disney+, but until then you can watch Disney Gallery: The Mandalorian on the same streaming platform, currently having aired five episodes out of eight. The season already finished principal photography before lockdown.

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