Neil Harrington

March 16, 2020

Exclusive: ‘The Toys Awaken’ the True Spirit of a Jedi

The Toys Awaken caught the attention of Lucasfilm, where the original 5-minute cut of the film won awards for Best Stop Motion and Spirit of Fandom at the 2018 Star Wars Fan Awards.
March 14, 2020

Luke Skywalker Closes in on His Legacy… Lightsaber

Ever since Star Wars: The Force Awakens, fans of a galaxy far, far away have been curious as to how the Skywalker legacy lightsaber resurfaced. It was a story for another time. Until now…
March 10, 2020

Skywalker and Windu Have ‘Unfinished Business’ in Episode Four of The Clone Wars

“While Jedi Mace Windu and Obi-Wan Kenobi lead an attack against the Separatist forces on Anaxes, the Bad Batch and Anakin Skywalker infiltrate an enemy starship to ensure a Republic victory.”
March 3, 2020

The Legacy of George Lucas Lives on Through His Padawan, Dave Filoni

An old Jedi prophecy states that through their greatest student, a master’s legacy will live on. Such is the case with George Lucas, through his most prominent learner, Dave Filoni.
February 29, 2020

Ben Solo’s Final Thoughts Revealed With a Resounding Reylo Moment

Thanks to Bothan-like spies, we were able to obtain a bit more information of Ben Solo’s final thoughts, only somewhat expressed on-screen...
February 29, 2020

How Palpatine Survived Revealed in The Rise of Skywalker Novelization

His reemergence was shrouded in dark side mystery… until now.
February 28, 2020

Star Wars Live-Action Update Stirs Excitement Across the Galaxy

Star Wars live-action production appears to be moving forward as planned.
February 26, 2020

Former Disney CEO Bob Iger to Focus on Storytelling

Exciting times are ahead for the Disney franchise, especially within the arena of Star Wars storytelling.
February 26, 2020

The Force is Strong with the Star Wars: Battlefront II Age of Rebellion Update

The Force is mighty strong with the Star Wars Battlefront II update, which EA/DICE dropped today in all its glory.
February 25, 2020

‘A Distant Echo’ is Heard in This Week’s Episode of The Clone Wars

Skywalker, Captain Rex and the Bad Batch ought to make one heck of a team. We can’t wait to see them in action together!
February 25, 2020

Project Luminous: The High Republic – Everything You Need to Know

...Now, the wait is over! The highly anticipated and clandestine Star Wars project, Project Luminous has finally been exposed.

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