Rachel L. Alford

January 28, 2020

TROS: Answering the Call of the Force (JJ Abrams Edition)

The true tell all version of TROS can’t be broken down into chunks, taking blame from this person and throwing mud all over that one.
January 27, 2020

TROS: Answering the Call of the Force (Maryann Brandon Edition)

The voice of Maryann Brandon, editor on both The Force Awakens (2015) and The Rise of Skywalker (2019), has spoken in several interviews about where her inner voice was telling her to go while editing this last film in the series.
January 18, 2020

‘No One’s Ever Really Gone’: The Return of Kenobi

And it is with great sadness that we see Obi-Wan journey back to where it all began, the sands and two suns of Tatooine, where he places the baby Luke in the arms of Beru Lars.
January 18, 2020

Artoo-Detoo: Delivering Hope Across Generations

Kye truly embodies the resilient spirit of R2D2, and now with his new one of a kind, Hero Arm, can carry his own message of HOPE into the world.

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