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August 2, 2019

Canceled Dewback Ride at Galaxy’s Edge?

Oh, how the dewbacks have changed. But have they?
August 2, 2019

‘The Mandalorian’ Actor Giancarlo Esposito Discusses His Character AND ‘The Rise of Skywalker’ on IMAX

Recently, Giancarlo Esposito took part of the Television Critics Association panel for the new Epix series 'Godfather of Harlem'.
August 1, 2019

‘Star Wars: Attack of the Clones’ in Under Five Minutes

Anakin's all grown up, and he must protect Queen Amidala from assassins!
August 1, 2019

‘Star Wars: The Phantom Menace’ in Under Five Minutes

Meet Anakin Skywalker, his friends Jar Jar Binks and Padmé, and learn about the Force and...
August 1, 2019

Every Droid in Star Wars: Star Wars By the Numbers

Droids are an essential part of the galaxy!
August 1, 2019

We Talk ‘Thrawn: Treason’ with Timothy Zahn

This week on The Star Wars Show, we take a look at the impressive illustrations inside...
July 30, 2019

‘The Rise of Skywalker’ Preview Coming Soon AND the Future of Star Wars on Disney+

Ever since Disney announced their upcoming video streaming service, Disney+...
July 29, 2019

‘The Mandalorian’ Begins Scoring Plus Jon Favreau Reveals Advice from George Lucas

Jon Favreau has been quite the busy man for Disney. Whether it's directing live-action remakes to Star Wars TV shows, Favreau has nearly done it all.
July 28, 2019

We Brushed Kylo Ren’s Hair at San Diego Comic-Con

This week on The Star Wars Show we review all the Star Wars publishing news from San Diego Comic-Con...
July 22, 2019

‘The Rise of Skywalker’ Will “Melt Your Mind” and Who’s X-Wing Is That?

For those who know Kevin Smith, he can definitely be considered as one of Hollywood's biggest nerds when it comes to anything Star Wars, Marvel, or anything comic-related.
July 22, 2019

Darth Vader Takes Over Star Wars Launch Bay at Disney World’s Hollywood Studios

Ever since the sequel trilogy has taken over the marketing of Star Wars, Disney has done nothing more than to make sure everyone has a chance to fulfill their dream of meeting these new characters face-to-face.
July 20, 2019

SDCC 2019: Star Wars Collectibles Panel

Star Wars collectibles help fans cherish what they love most.

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