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During the ATX Television Festival via Collider, Howard explained how her kids were instrumental in “directing” The Child and how they were a source of inspiration...
Although there are plenty of Star Wars characters that have been around since the birth of the franchise, a relative newcomer has come to claim the crown as the most-searched character on the Internet.
Hal Hickel, the animation supervisor for The Mandalorian, explains that the workload will be worth it in the end for Baby Yoda fans.
The rise of Baby Yoda's popularity from the Disney+ Star Wars hit TV series, The Mandalorian, was a surprising one, but to someone like Pedro Pascal, it came as no surprise.
Remember when Adam Paly punched Baby Yoda during the season finale of The Mandalorian? Yeah, we do too.
From the moment his eyes peered over the blanket at Mando, Baby Yoda captured hearts and united an otherwise divided fandom.
Baby Yoda has won hearts around the world, uniting a fandom and even appealing to non-Star Wars fans.
Fans were in an uproar on the Child’s behalf, and now Pally has spoken about his role in the episode.

Sweet Summer Baby Yoda

Hasbro has announced its line of Baby Yoda merchandise, it looks just as adorable as you would imagine.
The Rise of Skywalker may be right around the corner, but currently capturing the collective heart of the fandom is a character from Jon Favreau's The Mandalorian – Baby Yoda himself.

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