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Ranking your favorite Star Wars films isn't an easy job.
I have a love-hate relationship with midi-chlorians.
We've gotten more footage than many have hoped for.
"Nobody’s ever going to let anybody make a movie. You have to go out and do it! Those who can figure out how to do it – do it. And nothing can stop them.”
Overall, we are three episodes in, and we haven’t had a disappointing one yet, this is a really good sign for the rest of The Mandalorian!
Just as fair warning, you will get emotional.
We can actually learn quite a bit about this adorable little freak’s experience using the Force.
If the Disney era Star Wars has shown us anything, it has expanded on what the Force is and how it can be used.
Leia: Princess of Alderaan may not have been Gray’s best Star Wars work, but it is still one of the higher quality Star Wars novels out there.
Fans have a symbiotic relationship with Star Wars.

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