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Knights of the Old Republic is considered to be one of the most popular Star Wars story lines and timelines ever.
No matter if he's cut in half or not, it seems like he always comes back.
Galaxy Edge, without a doubt, is the most innovative and immersive theme park attractions in the world.
Here's some of the most intriguing insights they were able to gather from touring Galaxy Edge...
Each year, Star Wars Celebration brings some of the most beautiful and exquisite art in our galaxy.
So, you're packing your bags and hopefully going to Star Wars Celebration, right?
Have you ever had those awkward moments when your droid loses an arm from a dangerous Tuskan Raider?
Since she was young, nothing has been more rewarding than writing a novel on her hero, Padme Amidala.
"As ever, after a mission, Qui-Gon had been summoned to the Jedi Council’s chambers for his report."
Grab your gear and comfiest apparel because you'll be going on an adventure by reading...

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