February 17, 2020

Ahsoka Book Review

Even if you aren’t familiar with her, as long as you like Star Wars, you’ll enjoy reading Ahsoka.
February 6, 2020

Battlefront: Twilight Company Book Review

If you have a large interest for war novels, you will probably like this book more than I did.
January 12, 2020

The Rise of Skywalker Novelization Delayed

After doing my usual Sunday routine, I came across this Amazon notification for my upcoming order.
January 8, 2020

Star Wars: Bloodline Book Review

Bloodline was another great book set within the Star Wars universe. It had a conceptual feel to it, much like Queen’s Shadow and Catalyst.
December 30, 2019

Dooku: Jedi Lost Book Review

For Star Wars fans who want more content on Dooku, Ventress, and the time period before The Phantom Menace, this is a must-read.
December 19, 2019

My Top 10 Reviewed Star Wars Books

Some of them I have loved, while others I didn’t.
November 27, 2019

E.K. Johnston Returns with Queen’s Peril

The Naboo Queen strikes back in an all-new YA novel by E.K. Johnston, Queen’s Peril.
October 16, 2019

Lost Stars: Book Review

Ciena and Thane have formed an unlikely bond growing up on the mountain planet of Jelucan, but joining the Empire proves to considerably change their lives.
October 7, 2019

Lucasfilm Publishing Illuminates NYCC 2019

Lucasfilm has been quite busy this year, especially with the release of The Rise of Skywalker looming on the horizon.
September 6, 2019

How a Jedi Prophecy from Master & Apprentice Relates to The Rise of Skywalker

“When the Force itself sickens, past and future must split and combine.”
August 8, 2019

Follow Luke Skywalker Through ‘The Secrets of the Jedi’

Star Wars: Secrets of the Jedi will take you on a path that encompasses a written history of the Jedi Order.
August 7, 2019

Galaxy’s Edge: The Official Black Spire Outpost Cookbook

I am no chef by any definition, I don’t know about you, but sometimes...
July 18, 2019

Eli Vanto Returns in Exclusive Excerpt from ‘Thrawn: Treason’

Timothy Zahn's return to his most famous creation, Thrawn, has been a dream come true for fans of the Star Wars universe.
July 14, 2019

Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge: Traveler’s Guide to Batuu

Galaxy's Edge has opened a whole new world of opportunities for Disney and especially, the Lucasfilm estate.
June 29, 2019

‘Thrawn: Treason’ Exclusive Excerpt- Thrawn Crosses Paths with the Emperor

On July 23rd, Thrawn, Grand Admiral of the Imperial Navy, will face the likes of...
June 29, 2019

‘Thrawn: Treason’ Exclusive Preview and Pete Holmes Talks the Hero’s Journey

This week on The Star Wars Show we have an exclusive excerpt from Thrawn: Treason and we check out the Star Wars exclusives...
June 20, 2019

‘Galaxy’s Edge: Black Spire’ Reveals Secrets of Batuu

Ever since Galaxy's Edge has opened at Disney Land, the Star Wars fan base has gone bonkers...
June 19, 2019

Thrawn: Treason Sneak Peek

Thrawn is one of the most iconic and menacing characters in the Star Wars universe.
June 11, 2019

Alphabet Squadron’s Sequels to Be Released Sooner Than Expected

On June 4th, the newly released novel by Del Rey "Alphabet Squadron" has been a hit with many Star Wars fans.
May 8, 2019

Journey to Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker Books Revealed, Plus YOUR Star Wars Day Messages

This week on The Star Wars Show, we remember Peter Mayhew...

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