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It may seem like COVID’s effects will last forever, but there is light at the end of the tunnel.
Fans loved the actress, Erin Kellyman, as much as the character. Now fans want to know if we might see more of her in an upcoming Star Wars series.
There are many exciting leaks involving Star Wars casting floating around the web, and Bespin Bulletin is adding another to the list today.
Today, StarWars.com announced new casting and a new showrunner.
Today, we finally have more casting news for the show!
According to Neal Scanlon, special effects supervisor, there was some work done for the show before delays set in.
We've got an update on the Kenobi Disney+ series, thanks to a press release Disney France issued.
Easter comes this weekend, so keep your eyes on Disney+ for any surprises!
Scanlan hopes that a lot of his unused creations from the Skywalker saga get utilized...
A quick update on the Cassian Andor series - according to Reddit, the shoot date for the show is...

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