Charles Soule

March 25, 2020

‘Galaxy of Heroes’ and Charles Soule Are One With the Force

The mobile game Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes is getting an upgrade, complete with Rey and Kylo Ren - and some cool Force abilities.
February 12, 2020

Charles Soule Hints At Who This Mysterious Person May Be

All good guesses, however, it appears that Charles Soule might have a totally different person in mind.
December 11, 2019

Marvel’s Bounty Hunters and The Rise of Kylo Ren

No matter how complicated the profession, whether it's from Ben Solo's rise to Kylo Ren or to shooting your way out of a fight with Bossk, the galaxy of Star Wars is expanding right before our eyes at a pace like never seen before.
May 1, 2019

Celebrating Star Wars Day Early and Charles Soule Talks Darth Vader

This week on The Star Wars Show, we celebrate May the 4th early with some...

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