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While Fett doesn’t get quite as much focus as the cover might imply, the rest of the bounty hunters do enough blasting and brawling to make up for it.
Charles Soule and Will Siney’s The Rise of Kylo Ren #3 is following through on this trend by continuing to change our image of Kylo Ren, shifting him from conflicted to full on victim.
R/StarWarsLeaks contained a sneak peek into the new comic Star Wars: Darth Vader #1 (Vol. III).
Is this the first official hint to the High Republic era?
Since the release of The Force Awakens back in 2015, fans have clamored for more information on the mysterious Knights of Ren.
No matter how complicated the profession, whether it's from Ben Solo's rise to Kylo Ren or to shooting your way out of a fight with Bossk, the galaxy of Star Wars is expanding right before our eyes at a pace like never seen before.
Marvel's upcoming comic miniseries "Age of Resistance" will explore the characters of Snoke, Kylo Ren, Rey, and Rose while also adding more in-depth revelations of their other adventures and relationships within the universe. Although releasing in September, StarWars.com revealed four...
This week on The Star Wars Show we talk Marvel's Star Wars comic arc Rebels and Rogues...
Accomplished writer and storyteller, Jody Houser, is no stranger to the galaxy far, far away. Houser has made it clear that Star Wars is best told through comics.
Holy blue milk, Obi-Wan! This is an incredible amount of Star Wars content coming to our shelves.

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