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...just when you thought things couldn’t get any better than this and your anticipation for Season Two couldn’t be any greater than it already is, buckle up, because there’s more!
Deadline recently spoke with Dave Filoni about his various projects from a galaxy far, far away. Alongside the inevitable Clone Wars questions were queries about Rebels and The Mandalorian.
What a beautiful finale it was. Fans can take a collective breath, now, and so can Dave Filoni.
Thank you, Dave Filoni, and the entire team at Lucasfilm. The Force has never been stronger.
We’ve only got three days until it all comes to an end. Are you emotionally prepared?
This month on The Star Wars Show, David Collins talks Star Wars: The Clone Wars with George Lucas and Dave Filoni...
Vanity Fair spoke with the masterminds behind Ahsoka Tano about her journey through The Clone Wars.
With the second season already in post-production and set to debut this October, cast members have been relatively tight-lipped about what we can expect.
An old Jedi prophecy states that through their greatest student, a master’s legacy will live on. Such is the case with George Lucas, through his most prominent learner, Dave Filoni.
He alluded to some tantalizing story arcs within the season, particularly one involving fan-favorite Ahsoka Tano.

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