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Right now, being a Star Wars fan living in the Netherlands doesn't sound too bad.
In a lawless world, no one knows what the next day could bring.
Keep yourself up to date with the latest news, announcements, and leaks surrounding everything Star Wars at Disney's D23 Expo!
Hold on to those blasters because you might be surprised for what's coming to Star Wars!
Ever since Disney announced their upcoming video streaming service, Disney+...
As we are all well aware by now, Disney is not shy in buying out properties they see fit to expand upon.
The former MMA fighter, Gina Carano, will soon make her debut on the upcoming Star Wars Disney+ series 'The Mandalorian' releasing November 15th.
Coming this August at Disney's D23 Expo will be the "first look" at the future of Star Wars.
Always in motion the future is. Since Fox's merger with Disney, Disney has literally become the 'infinity gauntlet' of the movie industry.
According to a recent investors conference, investors around the world were able to see...

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