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John Boyega sat down yesterday for a virtual chat with Jake Hamilton to discuss Star Wars, Finn, and his Force-sensitivity.
"A Resistance pilot in need of a rescue. A stormtrooper looking to escape the First Order."
“You have great potential, 2187. You are officer corps material. Your duty is to the First Order above everything. Nothing else comes before that."
"Rey and Finn make an unstoppable team..."
Discover how Finn changed from stormtrooper to Resistance hero!
You heard right! Hosted by Vanity Fair, this week is officially The Rise of Skywalker week!
I wonder though, what are they looking at? Are they in the wreckage of the Death Star?
After escaping (with help from the broken droids), Finn repays the favor and gets a second chance to prove himself to Captain Phasma.
Finn tries to escape the trash compactor, but finds himself in a bind thanks to a mischievous gang of broken droids.
Captain Phasma puts Finn, known as FN-2187, on trash duty as punishment for a series of embarassing mishaps on a mission with the First Order.

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