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A recent interview on WDW Radio let fans know the Star Wars theme park originally planned was very, very different from what we have today.
Galaxy’s Edge is nearly everything a Star Wars fan could want and more! At the heart of it, lies what every Star Wars fan appreciates.
I tend to think that some people might think I'm silly when I say things like "While on Batuu" or "I'm going to Batuu." The thing is, it's like my second home...
This week on The Star Wars Show we replace the trench run actors from Star Wars: A New Hope with...
The band of Resistance freedom fighters livestream your questions at Galaxy's Edge!
Galaxy's Edge at Disney World is finally open and it's a sight to behold- literally!
Galaxy's Edge has been one of the biggest attractions that Disney has ever released.
I am no chef by any definition, I don’t know about you, but sometimes...
Oh, how the dewbacks have changed. But have they?
Galaxy's Edge is certainly one of Disney's properties that surely doesn't hide its immersive capabilities.

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