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Hamill wanted the trilogy to continue the darker trend that started in The Empire Strikes Back.
This month on The Star Wars Show, David Collins talks Star Wars: The Clone Wars with George Lucas and Dave Filoni...
Vanity Fair spoke with the masterminds behind Ahsoka Tano about her journey through The Clone Wars.
What exactly is the dark side, the light side, and what effect do they have on the living? Do free-will and destiny co-exist? And what about balance?
An old Jedi prophecy states that through their greatest student, a master’s legacy will live on. Such is the case with George Lucas, through his most prominent learner, Dave Filoni.
We might have lost the Wilhelm scream in this new era of Star Wars films, but we’ve potentially gained something even cooler.
"Nobody’s ever going to let anybody make a movie. You have to go out and do it! Those who can figure out how to do it – do it. And nothing can stop them.”
The Star Wars franchise was possibly the best investment Disney has ever done.
Jon Favreau has been quite the busy man for Disney. Whether it's directing live-action remakes to Star Wars TV shows, Favreau has nearly done it all.
The Mandalorian is one of the most anticipated Star Wars shows ever.

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