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I recently interviewed one of the authors of the upcoming High Republic series, Cavan Scott, and got his much-welcomed thoughts on reading Star Wars.
I really try to put myself into the universe that I am writing about. I want to immerse myself into what it feels like to live in the same place my characters live in.
Recently, I had the privilege to speak with Kevin Kiner about his life and Star Wars. My hope is that this interview will help you grow a deeper appreciation for him and the tremendous work he has done at Lucasfilm.
Recently, I got the esteem privilege of interviewing one of my all-time favorite YouTubers, content creators, Star Wars lovers, and an all-around amazing guy: STARWARS_IRL.
Back in February, I had the chance to sit down with Dominic Pace. He is a newcomer to Star Wars and plays Gekko the bounty hunter in season one of The Mandalorian.
First things first. Lucasfilm has officially released some new dialogue for Emperor Palapatine.

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