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Marissa from Let's Make Star Wars takes you to the World Premiere of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker!
Learn all about the ships and vehicles that make up the Resistance and First Order fleets.
How many times is the name Skywalker uttered in the Star Wars films?
Their forces may be small, but the Resistance is strongest when its members stand together.
Brave, daring, and a little bit cocky, Poe Dameron is one of the Resistance's best pilots.
Jar Jar Binks is returning to the Star Wars universe!
From Gunganese to Basic and everything in between, we tally up the different galactic languages heard in the Star Wars films in the latest installment of Star Wars By the Numbers!
Rey thought she was no one, but the scrappy scavenger grew up to become a skilled pilot, a daring Resistance hero, and the last Jedi.
The First Order corners the Resistance over D'Qar in a battle that annihilates much of the freedom-fighter's fleet.
Learn all about the Battle of Crait and other conflicts between the First Order and the Resistance.

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