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During the ATX Television Festival via Collider, Howard explained how her kids were instrumental in “directing” The Child and how they were a source of inspiration...
This isn’t Best’s last hurrah with the franchise, though. At least, he hopes it isn’t.
Jon Favreau, the showrunner, appeared at the director’s panel for ATX Television Festival.
As seen with previous projects EA has released in the Star Wars universe, we can expect Project Maverick to be released on platforms including Xbox, PS4, and PC.
Luke Skywalker trains in the ways of the Jedi with Master Yoda, learning the power of the Force.
This month on The Star Wars Show, we check out the brand new trailer for Star Wars: Jedi Temple Challenge and...
The anticipation is big for the second season, both because of the addition of well known characters from previous series like The Clone Wars and Rebels and because of the quality of the show itself.
Becoming a Jedi and being trained in the ways of the Force seems like every kid’s dream. And for a few chosen younglings, this dream will now actually become a reality.
...just when you thought things couldn’t get any better than this and your anticipation for Season Two couldn’t be any greater than it already is, buckle up, because there’s more!
For all those who would like to add the game to their collection in style, we have great news right away, though.

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