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Rebels isn’t the most popular show in the galaxy far, far away. However, people’s love and appreciation for it is growing every day.
Two popular Star Wars games out right now are Star Wars: Battlefront II and Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. These two games are both incredible, but which is more suitable for you?
These are just concepts that are drawn before the script is written often as a starting point. So here are the five things that stuck out the most to me.
Star Wars has its fair share of death and destruction mixed in with its fantastic space battles and lightsaber duels.
"It doesn’t take itself too seriously, but it does believe in itself."
Suddenly, you see it: a GIF of General Grievous edited into The Rise of Skywalker running after the lightsaber Ben just threw away.
The original Mandalorians were a reptilian and war-like species called the Tong.
As it turns out, the problem of not knowing where to start can actually be that simple to solve. Have an idea, then start doing it.
Back in the far, far away land of 2005, I was thirteen years old and sitting in a movie theater. I had been a Star Wars fan since I had the capacity to remember things and I was about to watch what I then thought would be the final film in the saga.
He would constantly bend, and sometimes break, the rules of the Order. Because of this, many of his missions took him undercover into the criminal underworld.

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