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Today, we will be taking a journey to the beautiful crystalline planet of Christophsis where a couple of major battles were fought during the Clone Wars.
Disney has given us a platform to enjoy almost everything that is Star Wars. Just think about that if you will.
...most of the debates I see are between individuals. This is why we at Far, Far Away News decided to do a team ranking made up of many of our opinions.
Battlefront II has provided me with so many memories, and each update gave me the feeling of hope...
“It’s like poetry, it’s—sort of— they rhyme. Each stanza kind of rhymes with the last one.”
He is loyal, hard-working, and smart. And when push comes to Jedi shove, Rex has the greatest of human qualities...
For better or worse, storytelling is more complex than ever with tales being told across multiple mediums by different voices under the umbrella of one cohesive narrative.
Admiral Trench was a Harch from the planet Secundus Ando.
“You have great potential, 2187. You are officer corps material. Your duty is to the First Order above everything. Nothing else comes before that."
When Master Yoda tells you to read, you read. And if you do, the Force is with you.

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