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When we look to assign blame to how the Galactic Empire came to power, there's a lot of names that get thrown around.
From the sweeping strings, to the swashbuckling fanfare brass, to the marching percussion, the music of Star Wars has a special place in mine and many other Star Wars fans’ hearts.
If you’re like me and live with a family that includes young children, you might be looking for something to keep their attention while not totally driving you out of your mind.


I have made my peace with the fact that I have become obsessive-compulsive over The Mandalorian.
Welcome back my fellow travelers. This month, we will take a vacation to the beautiful paradise that is Scarif.
The Star Wars fandom is, above all things, passionate. This article is a tribute to the heroes on Wookieepedia...
A Star Wars book club changed my life, and it just might change yours.
A little over a month ago, we all found out that our very own, Ben Walke, will be leaving the Community Team at EA.
Comic-Con 2020 season is here! Are you ready? Perhaps you’ve already attended your first Con of the year.
Scott Derrickson, director of Dr. Strange, recently said that if he were given the task of making his own Star Wars story, he would make a horror film in the vein of The Thing set on Hoth.

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