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I recently heard a conversation about time travel in the Star Wars galaxy.
What exactly is the dark side, the light side, and what effect do they have on the living? Do free-will and destiny co-exist? And what about balance?
We all think that we know Endor, a.k.a. The Forest Moon of Endor or The Sanctuary Moon, but do we really?
For me as a fan, one of the most interesting anomalies in the Clone Wars were the episodes that took place in the Mortis world.
...How and why exactly does this all apply to Kylo’s story? It is because Anakin Skywalker and Ben Solo were on a shared hero’s journey.
Do you think that this season will change how you view Revenge of the Sith?

Peace and Purpose

When I was 19, I met a boy named Luke Skywalker. I had no idea at the time how important he would be to me.
ONE year ago, today, Star Wars inspired me to launch Far, Far Away News, an outlet to allow myself and other beloved Star Wars fans to share their love for the franchise they hold so dear.
Battlefront has long been a staple in the Star Wars community. It is one of the rare moments where you can pick up a blaster and really see how it feels...
From the moment his eyes peered over the blanket at Mando, Baby Yoda captured hearts and united an otherwise divided fandom.

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