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Rey’s Compassion

This is the purpose of the Jedi. They put everyone’s needs before their own in an attempt to make the Galaxy a better place...
Many believe that the Force is merely the Light and the Dark sides, or good versus evil. However, when Bendu introduced himself as “the one in-between,'' he was referring to the Force.
After 42 years, the binary suns have finally set on the Skywalker Saga once and for all. It’s bittersweet to say goodbye, but all stories must, and should, come to an end.
Being first introduced to Ohnaka in the early years of the Clone Wars, most of us probably thought he would be another cog in the machine that would soon meet an untimely end.
Sacrifice has always been a key element in Star Wars.
The first of the series for our weekly Star Wars "Fan of the Week," Lacey Gilleran shares with us her love for Star Wars and what makes her unique.
“They’ll be back… one day."
The team here at Far, Far Away News decided we’d come up with a shortlist of the galaxy’s best sidekicks to make your search for the perfect partner a little easier.
“Murderous Snake!” Who knew that this simple line could contain so much symbolism among the Jedi and Sith?
This year will be forever remembered.

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