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Just when you think a Star Wars film tells you the whole story, you find out later on that there is always something more to talk about.
One of the most hotly debated aspects of The Rise of Skywalker is Rey’s Palpatine lineage, and her subsequent adoption of the Skywalker family name.
"Rey and Finn make an unstoppable team..."

Rey’s Compassion

This is the purpose of the Jedi. They put everyone’s needs before their own in an attempt to make the Galaxy a better place...
“They’ll be back… one day."
Many fans interpreted the ending as Rey settling in on Tatooine to be alone, especially because the score for this particular scene is titled “A New Home”.
I wonder though, what are they looking at? Are they in the wreckage of the Death Star?
Rey thought she was no one, but the scrappy scavenger grew up to become a skilled pilot, a daring Resistance hero, and the last Jedi.
Rey has been one of the most astounding and intricate characters of the Star Wars universe.
Who are Rey's parents? From Episodes 7-8, fans still haven't really gotten a solid answer to this question.

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