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May the 4th is this coming Monday, and it’s bringing a lot of exciting Star Wars content with it. Most thrilling of all is the finale of The Clone Wars.
With the second season already in post-production and set to debut this October, cast members have been relatively tight-lipped about what we can expect.
According to Witwer, the scene had to go through reshoots to get it just right.
Sit down, relax, and grab your favorite Star Wars pillow before you hit the floor from your mind being blown–once again.
While he is master of voicing villains in the franchise, Rebels might have brought him to the Light side.
The final season of The Clone Wars is approaching its end - the last episode is on a May the 4th - but it may not be the end of Clone Wars content.
We've got a ways to go before we see the Siege of Mandalore arc in The Clone Wars, but Sam Witwer hyped up the final arc with io9 recently.
A recent interview with Peter Serafinowicz, the original voice of Darth Maul in Episode I: A Phantom Menace, explains...

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